To improve the user experience, we redesigned the login dialog and implemented a reset password via mail function. All pages for Failback/Failover have a live status update, so no need to refresh the pages manually. Now it’s possible to define a DFS Cache duration, to match your DFS configration.

New Yuzuy Customer Portal for Enhanced User Convenience

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our customer portal, now accessible at my.yuzuy.com. This user-friendly platform is geared towards simplifying your experience by putting everything you need right at your fingertips. Who is it for? my.yuzuy.com is tailored for our valued existing customers, delivering a streamlined hub for seamless Yuzuy experience management. Just create an…

Multi-Cluster Orchestration and Automation for Qumulo with Yuzuy

Managing and automating tasks in Qumulo Multi-Cluster-Environments can prove complex, but Yuzuy Virtual Management Appliance streamlines the process, providing administrators with a user-friendly web-based management interface. Failover and Failback Automation Switching between “Primary” and “Secondary” roles in two clusters, directing client access to the secondary cluster, involves a delicate, multi-stage workflow. This process demands robustness,…

6 Steps to unlock the Power of Simplicity

Unlock the Power of Simplicity in Six Steps Have you ever wondered how to make your IT systems more resilient? Today, we’ll explore the concept of resilience in IT and discover how simplicity can play a crucial role in achieving it. Understanding Resilience in IT Resilience in IT refers to the ability of your systems…


Synchronization – While Qumulo’s Continuous Replication takes care of copying all the contents of a directory for which replication has been configured to the target cluster, the administrator himself is responsible for making the corresponding configurations for the respective directory on the target cluster.